Entrepreneurs must understand the secret why the high price is always defeated

do not know if you have heard such a story: a salesman to the boss: "recently there is a small factory, the price is very low, it is difficult to deal with, how to do?" The boss asked: "since the factory has been so badly, why is a small factory, and we are manufacturers?"

the price level is not a pure pricing problem, but the core problem of marketing. Marketing guru Kotler said: "you are not selling products through the price, but the selling price." Jin Huanmin said: "the sale is through the price to sell the product, marketing is through the product to sell the price."

outbid price is the market price case is normal, low beat. Of course, the strategic price war in the process of industrial concentration is an exception. Marketing is to sell the price, learn to sell the price to understand the true meaning of marketing. The public for the price of common sense, it is precisely the marketing professional point of view.


Consumers buy

must be based on their recognition of the product on the basis of. >

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