How to effectively eliminate poverty in Dazhou

since the reform and opening up, many local economy has made great progress, but there are still a lot of backward areas, economic development is lagging behind, people’s living standards to be improved. In the face of the current situation of poverty in Dazhou, how to effectively get rid of poverty?

as of the end of 2015, there are poor people in Dazhou, 498 thousand and 500 people, the poor village of 828, the incidence of poverty as high as 9.16%, the total number of poor people in Sichuan, the province’s most important task to get rid of poverty!

, the children’s party The seas are in turmoil., and true colour of a hero! Out of poverty on the road to Kang, the village of the village of the clarion call again sounded!

this is a tough battle, to lead the scientific decision-making and command strong.

Dazhou Municipal Committee maintain focus on concentration, Li Yong to ambition, a good move essay, put forward "poverty alleviation work and the overall rural economic and social development" concept, to become the city’s poverty alleviation campaign plan.

The establishment of

poverty alleviation leading group consists of 10 special project implementation team, the first to establish a "double head" in the province, clearly the main responsibility of Party committees and governments at the county level, the main responsibility for the city and county departments, the main responsibility of the township, the village in charge of the responsibility of the masses to participate in the formation of "grid system of leadership responsibility; village the working group, departmental support, guidance, Party members and cadres door, 828 poor villages, first Secretary of the" full coverage, 3247 outstanding helping cadres residency, of which 4 are at the county level cadres linked to any township party secretary, 15 deputy level cadres linked to any party secretary…… Dazhou, the full completion of the declaration of war against poverty!

Department of strategic planning is clear and clear, how to implement the precise tactics? Very stage, the situation is very, very responsible, it must have a very good policy – this is a resounding answer to Dazhou

Dazhou city through "to support production and employment, a number of policy reveal all the details of a group, a group of poverty relocation and reconstruction assistance group, launched the innovative education funding difficulties, to achieve a number of" user facilities strategy, the "disease" of treatment, the poverty alleviation funds and projects accurately to specific the specific population, family, even with the neighbors, there are different policies. Accurately put the 828 poor villages into the top 17 poverty alleviation program to further promote infrastructure, industrial development, new village construction, social undertakings, the top four areas of poverty alleviation.

out of poverty, where the hope; critical, where the power; Ben Kang, the target. Yong by Dongfeng, to enter the depths of poverty is invincible, on the journey is all broken fortress!

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