International Conference “Cultural Route – Napoleon Destination” Opened

first_imgThe International Conference “Cultural Route – Napoleon Destination” was officially opened in Orebic last night, attracting over 120 foreign participants from 13 European countries. Orebic so dignifiedly hosted a whole small world on the occasion of this conference and assembly.As Croatia is on the map of the route, the goal is to expand and implement the project in its area, and the first step is to hold a conference and annual meeting of Napoleonic cities and European areas where the cultural route has already been introduced. Otherwise, the European Cultural Route “Destination Napoleon” last year it was certified by the European Institute for Cultural Routes operating within the Council of Europe. The aim of these events is to activate the cultural-tourist route in the Republic of Croatia and to initiate and implement as many tourist entities and projects of cultural (tangible and intangible) heritage from areas rich in Napoleonic history.Photo: GITEpesh”The main goal of the conference is to detect and map all cultural paths, which pass not only through Croatia, but also through Slovenia, BiH and Montenegro. Cultural routes represent a different form of interactive and sensitive cultural tourism product. It opens the door to cultural tourism and the presentation of our rich history. Let Croatia and Orebic be an example to everyone of how important the heritage from the time of Napoleon is and how a rich heritage can be presented through a cultural and tourist product ” – said Dubravka Davidović, President of the Croatian Association for Tourist and Cultural Routes Tur Kultur, EFCN Coordinator for Croatia, and added that the “Cultural Route – Destination Napoleon” can develop tourism, but also local areas through which it enriches civilian life and culture. .The conference is of great importance through the realization of the potential of cultural tourism, detection of cultural routes and its implementation, because it is an important and rich history that brings us the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte in our region. Specifically, on Pelješac, with the arrival and influence of Napoleon, a large and branched road infrastructure was built, which still exists today and which is largely used for modern roads, standardized and introduced by the administration, as well as various other facilities that are still always in use.Dubravka Davidović President of the Croatian Association for Tourist and Cultural Routes Tur Kultur, EFCN Coordinator for Croatia / Photo: GITepeš”Napoleon is the second most wanted historical figure on the famous Google search engine, of course after Jesus Christ, which speaks volumes about the tourist potential of the entire cultural route, as well as Croatia, which to my great satisfaction joined our network of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities.” – said Charles Bonaparte, President of EFCN, and added that Croatia has a great opportunity to present its wealth and history in a different and unique way through cultural tourism and the story of Napoleon. “What I saw in Croatia represents a great potential for the development of the Cultural Route – the destination Napoloen and we are certainly not accidental today in Orebic. Also, our goal is to expand and connect the entire Mediterranean route starting from Croatia. This represents a great tourist potential, not only for the development of the cultural route, but also for all other forms of tourism and historical treasures that Croatia can be proud of and present to the world. ” Bonaparte concludedWe can see the influence of Napoleon in Croatia, except on Pelješac and in Gorski kotar, Sisak, Karlovac, all the way to the border that separates New and Old Zagreb. On the other hand, cultural tourism globally accounts for 40 percent of international travel, and cultural heritage among tourists makes up a third of the motives for choosing and arriving in tourist destinations.Charles Bonaparte, President of EFCN / Photo: GITepešIn the strategic document for the development of Croatian tourism, cultural tourism is among the ten key tourism products in focus until 2020, and accordingly there is an Action Plan for Cultural Tourism at the level of the Ministry of Tourism, which speaks volumes about the importance and justification of the international conference “Cultural Route – Napoleon destination “.last_img

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