Camps achieved a 35 percent increase in overnight stays

first_imgFrom the beginning of the year to May 1, more than 1,72 million arrivals and 4,85 million overnight stays were realized, while in just three days of the May Day holidays, 9,7% of total arrivals and 11,8% of total overnight stays of domestic and foreign tourists were realized. so far this year.According to the data from the eVisitor system, the camping sector is from 1.1. to 2.5. realized this year 368.796 overnight stays, which is an increase compared to last year of 34,8%. In the same period, there were 110.783 arrivals, which means that the average length of stay was 3,3 days.Brochure of small camps “OK Mini Camps 2017” published and distributed in record circulation in SloveniaAnd this year, for free for small member camps, thanks to the activities of KUH, a brochure “OK Mini Camps” was published in Slovenian, and distributed in a record edition of as many as 22.000 copies. Prior to that, in the fall of 2016, KUH published the brochure “OK Mini Camps 2017” in 3 languages ​​(English, Dutch and German), in a circulation of 13.000 copies, in cooperation with the small camps that covered the cost of printing, while distribution of KUH was ensured at all the most important fairs in all important emitting markets and through CNTB representative offices.However, KUH points out that there was no possibility of quality fair appearance and distribution through fairs and representative offices in Slovenia, in cooperation with Slovenian partners for the best small camps, the publication of the Slovenian brochure “OK Mini Camps 2017” was ensured, as a special and separately insert of the spring edition of the magazine Fokusplus, ie a special thematic issue “Camping & Caravanning”, which ensured the distribution of the entire edition in May 5, in a (for OK Mini) record edition – 2017 brochures that reached the magazine ( at least) the same number of Slovenian families.”OK Mini Camps” special supplement is made in such a way that it can be – as a self-bound / stapled edition with its own cover – taken out of the magazine and kept as a holiday guide in 2017 in the best small Croatian camps, so we are sure of exceptional promotional value of this project. ” points out Adriano Palman, director of the Croatian Camping Union (KUH)You can download the brochure: OK mini camps in Slovenian herelast_img

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