Webmaster share I do the movie station bit by bit

with the game as "entertainment station pastime" movie station has been the owners love to get involved in the field, because in the eyes of many people, movie related word index is very high, the actual amount of attention is also great, as long as we put some words do go up, then you can wait for the number of money. Perhaps it is this illusion that makes more and more friends around the country begin to run movie stations, hoping to divide their own vegetable plots in the vast search crowd". But there is a word called ideal is full, the reality is skinny. Although the movie station of high heat, but want to do a good job is not easy, and not what you want to achieve what can be achieved, especially grassroots novice friends, the movie station is suitable for you, don’t think of yourself could answer.

mentioned the movie station, the most should say is profit, I think this should be the most concern. Compared to other information station or station such as the film standing in the drainage areas have an advantage, after all, the movie is a popular crowd, as long as the support from a group of fans, so hang advertising does not live together, it is also a considerable amount of traffic, can get a registered member like. It must be the most original idea for many friends who are going to be a movie station.

but when you actually operate, you’ll find that everything is different, and profitability is not so easy to achieve, first of all, drainage. Now, the movie station grab a lot, each site is very similar, the user chooses who does not choose who is completely in the first impression. The page is concise and clear to win. If you add advertising, it will affect the page effect. But advertising adds little, people flow is not enough, then a month, hundreds of pieces of advertising costs simply not enough. Secondly, a registered member of the idea, the Internet is now a stress free strategy, our small site is can exist in the film industry, because compared to the station, we are not free, updated quickly, copyright restrictions, if you want to get a registered member of profit, so loss of users of the site will shock you. So a small movie site is usually free, only the profit may be hanging advertising, but it needs a lot of traffic to the site every day, otherwise it will not earn a few cents.

followed by updates and maintenance of content. Although the film station, although the text is not dominant, but in the eyes of Baidu, a good or bad site is critical in the content. Even a small movie station, the page number is also a lot of reasons, every television drama a lot, so it will have a lot of very similar pages, after all the small movie website can not do everything, a long time will produce content repetition problems. Therefore, for individual owners, the maintenance of the content of the movie station is a big event. If you want to own it, then you have to pay a hundred times more than others efforts, the effect is not good, so I suggest that you will get traffic channels on the long tail keywords, such as looking for some people love chase drama or movie, like small time, like never ever meet again the long tail, optimize the word focus on these pages. "

Original article is actually very easy, soft Wen is the same

everyone knows that the original article is the best for the content of the website, because it represents the voice of your profession and is unique.

but what kind of original article is the best?. How to write good original articles, we may mention it and write articles are a multitude of things do not know how to keyboard. Below, I will combine some of their own experience, simple to say some of the methods, we hope to be able to help everyone.

I often write original articles, which are instructive and sometimes critical. I usually do not write anything specific to teach people how to do, and there is no commitment to other people how to make money, how, what kind of article.

first I feel this commitment is of no use, just like reading an article is written for the new letter: each person’s qualifications, experience, ability, potential is not the same, so can not be treated equally, so I prefer to use a guide to explain the nature of something for everyone. Because people have hundreds of colors, understanding of each person is different. So what I understand is the best. If you are in accordance with the others to do, basically only according to someone else to specify the antecedents of you go, and it is difficult to break through.

is far away. Now the book is

1: write your major. I don’t have any major. I don’t know how to say it in my heart. I’m a new person. I don’t have any experience.)

I guess these are the things that people say about their own professional, confused things,


explains the first one: "I don’t have any major,

!"In fact, the

to do the best, since you are not professional then why are you here, why do you think the site, because you are not professional, so you have to learn how to do, you will not ask? Ah, but you have to ask the level, this has the skills, how to ask the level! If you don’t say me this question who will teach me? I think you get the answer will be less. You should write the title like the title party: for example, you have a question about the website space, do not know which to use well, and would like to ask your opinions. You can write this: "god damn space business lied to me this new"

Write some unwarranted things inside

, then the following said I am a novice ah, what are the limited money, we recommend some good. Thank you. I guess everyone will write to you. If you just write: who has good space, introduce me. It is estimated that the advertisers are recruited. We should make use of our sympathy, the mentality of the weak, we must learn to hype the topic.

explains second: "I don’t know how to say it in my heart,


this one, I think, may be that most people feel this way. Actually, it’s easy to handle. What do you mean? You don’t know what to say. How do you do it? You must remember. Just write one

Winning in planning the starting point for successful website operations

construction and operation of the site is a persistent work, the workload of the great, I think you are more understanding of the webmaster. And only good planning can let me know what we need to do, how to do, let us avoid detours, to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, the site construction and operation of the early days, the need for careful planning of the webmaster, for our ultimate success to lay a good foundation. The author according to his experience, with the webmaster talk about our construction, operation website, need to do what aspects of planning?.

explicitly website theme and user groups

clear website theme is the most basic work in the process of our site construction, only clear the theme of the website, can let us closely around the theme to site. For example, the author’s cool 90 community is 90 theme website, then in the late construction of the need to closely focus on the theme of 90 to build the site. If the theme is not clear, the direction of construction will be unclear, and ultimately the result is that our website content is chaotic, and the extent of the user experience can be imagined.

clear web site for the user community is equally important, this is for our future promotion work has laid a good foundation. Such as the author’s cool 90 community in the station before it has made it clear that its user groups are 90 groups, then it is convenient for me to promote the work. Clearly, the site is targeted for 90 groups, as long as the post 90 groups of intensive local promotion, will receive relatively good results. This can be targeted, will not appear, do not know how to promote the dilemma.

website theme and user oriented groups are closely related, only good planning website theme and oriented object can be targeted, after all, limited time and energy, only the power use of the blade to receive the ideal effect.

planning the title, keywords and description of the website

1, mining keywords

personal site traffic is largely through the search engine brings, and this requires the webmaster according to their web site content and theme to determine good keywords, and write the title and description. Website operation process emphasizes the stability, so Web site title, keywords and description need webmaster in advance careful planning, once planned, do not easily change. Usually the webmaster can according to their site’s theme, use some Adsense tools to mining, such as the cool 90 90 community is the theme of the site, then I can use some keyword mining tools to mining and related 90.


2, determine key words

wants to get the target user accurately, you need to carefully analyze the correlation webmaster keywords with our website theme, Baidu keyword index again ranked high, as long as it is with our website related to the topic is "

SEO how to analyze the site bidding force direction and promotion plan, small factor settings

in the face of highly difficult natural optimization, bidding has become the most important part of SEO optimization in many industry fields. However, you want to do to get the final bidding, the benefits are not so easy to do, to share with you one did not know before saw in the platform, analysis of site bidding several force direction note: these points in my opinion is very good, for two years, always according to this way of thinking bidding, the effect is also good, today posted for your reference:

1, SEO how to analyze the website bidding force direction analysis of the site bidding force direction points:

1, the search tools as customers access to information tools, rather than pure advertising; search keywords response is ranking the effectiveness of the promotion; more popular hits, higher audience, more targeted keyword prices higher and more competitive price as more type area bidding;

2, the

keyword is not possible, please pay attention to the quality: do not only focus on key words not much said, in order to enlarge the radiation surface, expanding the audience more to set, do not click on no charges according to the important institutions and investment plans and investment capacity, input and output, and focus on cost


3, a specific analysis of different search keywords and search keywords: crowd demand hits reflect the target audience search habits, different types of search words in the face of the customer group is between cable computer school, computer training, educational institutions such as the IT class keyword is generally has been interested to learn IT the audience found, without paying jobs; employment employment key customers, its core focus is very concerned about employment, consulted, this part of the group even hope to switch to the audience;

4, analysis of user search habits, potential customers in different stages by different stages: always pay attention to the potential customers search habits, pay attention to contrast. For example, the approaching stage of the college entrance examination, waiting for the stage of achievement and the stage after taking, etc., the focus of attention of the same target audience is different at different stages, and the number of keywords clicked is different.

two, promotion plan, small factor setting.


promotion program is a large unit of managing a series of keywords / ideas. In the promotion plan level, you can set up promotion area, set the daily budget, select creative display mode, set promotion period management, add negative keywords and IP exclusion. To male accounts as an example:

addition: a promotion plan, up to 100 promotional units, up to 20 IP addresses, excluding up to 200 negative keywords and up to 200 accurate negative keywords.

daily budget: setting up the daily budget function at multiple levels, setting priorities in order: account > plan.


1: Account Settings >

Wang why is the comment site going down

[Abstract] rarely held a press conference yesterday in the U.S. group 798 held a new year’s media communication, Wang Xing is epoch-making and dozens of media for 1.5 hours of interactive quiz. Communication will be opening, Wang Xing made a formal speech, in addition to "report" a number of U.S. mission network 2014 performance and data, no amount of other information basically.

but in the question and answer session, Wang Xing to the United States Mission in financing, vertical layout, film takeaway competition, even in the public comment on the competition with old rivals, not evasive, one take that, and even some sharp response. For the 2014 regret, he believes that their market judgment is not enough, radical, mobile terminal is not enough ruthless, management progress is still very slow.


Wang Xing and U.S. Group executives to accept media access, pictures from @IT gossip shock

The following is

billion state power network media communication will be done according to the content arrangement:

first confirms a recent media frenzy, and says the group got $700 million in financing,

Wang Xing: it seems that everybody is still interested in money. What I can say is that the group has completed $700 million in financing and valued at $7 billion. Other further information, we may have to release later.

asked: "Wang just mentioned that last year, the U. S. mission in the hotel, takeaway, movie tickets in the field are more hard, in 2015 you will cut into some other vertical areas,


Wang Xing: beauty is the beginning of a comprehensive Internet platform, this is our core strengths, the importance and value of the integrated platform is bigger than any one of the vertical field, because the user is the same user, everyone has diverse needs. On this basis, we do a lot of vertical areas that will be faster. For example, the film industry, in fact, the election of the first seat is not what we do, but because we have a lot of movies before buying groups of users, so we do online seat selection, will grow up very quickly. Takeout too.

(is there any vertical field that will focus on next year?) we still tend to start with the high frequency of things. Hotels, movies, and takeout are high frequency things. In other areas, we are indeed hatching new products. But it’s not very convenient now. We hope that when we look back next year, we can be proud to say that the incubation business in 2015 has been successful and has grown rapidly.

: you just said that the Internet changes will be more than physical retail, which means that the U. S. group will not spend much time on the physical retail level,


Wang Xing: never say never, but the service industry this thing is already a big enough things, we have just talked about the future is tens of trillions of idle away in seeking pleasure market, we are now in a very favorable position. The Internet is always >

Minon domain said companies need uniform domain name after the merger

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) April 20th news, last week, Yao Jinbo internal letter form confirmed 58 city and Ganji merger news, but said the two brands continue to independent management, the domain name will not change. 58 and go to the market is not a case of Web consolidation, there have been Youku potatoes, fast drops and other examples. So here comes the question: should the site be unified after the merger? Listen to the idea of investing in people.

: domain name

merge will change the domain name? No need to

most of the domain name investors tend to tend to see if the domain name is appropriate, the domain name is the website brand, and the change of domain name is just like the replacement of the brand.

What is that with the

investors do not have to use the uniform domain name, as in the 58 and two market platform, 58.com and ganji.com two domain names also belong to the best domain name, itself has a certain brand effect, so it is Youku and potatoes.

"from the corner to the downtown area, it is certainly more good than harm, on the other hand, is the loss of a large number of users." Investors think Suzhou traveler is the site of the domain name, brand, changing the domain name like moving, if the majority of users based on the brand name, to give up the original brand is not possible, but there is no need to change the domain name. "The user is the root."".

, "brand building has been spent a great deal of money, hastily change names, but also for the new name brand building, so that the cost is relatively large."." The investor asked.

investor Chen Haonan (micro signal: zhangbiaogege) believes that the merger of the two sites, business models can be combined with each other, earnings can also be put together, but the domain name or should each use their own.

since merging, it should unify

previously, QQ, Gaopeng, group purchase and F group after the merger, unified use of Groupon brand, also set up a jump to the domain name. In the brand merge, enabling a unified domain of Gaopeng such group purchase website, seems to be a good choice.

therefore, some investors think that the unified domain name should be used since the website has been merged. The National People’s Congress less investment (QQ:82201) said that the domain name does not merge will cause confusion for users, again good site entrance for confusion is not a good idea, "the downside is that users in a short time memory short time of the domain name cannot be changed.

investor Da Yong (micro signal: dayongyingxiao) also believes that the domain name should be unified, unified external brand publicity, but should be unified or look at the brand level.

long-term merger weakness, or will eliminate

and investors believe that this is related to the future development of the website. Investor Guo Jianguang feels initial merger

Webmaster, please don’t ignore your website LOGO

usually, when we look at a person, we first see his appearance, followed by the figure and the clothes (especially the satyr). We may not take a bath for a week, but every day wash your face, boys shave, girls make-up, the purpose is only one, to show the most beautiful side to others.

is a man, so do standing. I want to ask my colleagues: what do you place on the most prominent part of the site? What did the visitor see first when opening your website? LOGO. When others are saying, "content is king, the chain is emperor", of course, there is something about it, but doing so is largely done to the search engine. If a visitor comes to your site through search, see a Wuqi was a eight page, just to find a picture to write a few words to do LOGO, even if you have new contents, then the quality of the chain, I am afraid it is difficult to keep the pace of visitors.



the customer is God, so is the visitor. If someone is now using a good place in the search for you to stand a loyal group of visitors, you will change? Of course not. At present, most of my friends circle of webmaster do stand are the pursuit of economic interests, so visitors are our clothes, even more than a IP, even a pop, also can earn a few cents zero! So, please do not use it in order to save tens of dollars, just online to generate a LOGO. After all, it is our webmaster face


Mei Mei art studio A5 starting, reproduced please retain, contact QQ:514669499

Web navigation design of website user experience design

recently, the research just D network site construction analysis of user experience design, the navigation design has their own point of view, now just D network some of their own results to share with you, hope to be able to offer help for everyone.

first, website navigation content design

website navigation content design, as concise as possible, so that users can quickly find the required knowledge classification through navigation. For example, just D network navigation


came to the official website just D network of friends, basically for the website have certain needs of users, through this navigation, you can quickly find the need to place their own, here you can see just D network case, just D network price range, some users are more concerned about the problem. These are meant to fit the user experience.

second, the navigation structure of the site

The navigation structure of

website can be divided into three major categories: one column display, one or two column display, and two stage column slider display.

level column display mode

can see just D network navigation, here just D network website navigation design due to something less, so the navigation involves only the display of a main program, to meet the needs of customers, with the website content may be made of one or two columns show all the portals.

one or two column shows

we can look at the 39 Health Network Navigation Design, as well as the navigation of the major portal design, are such a way of display. Take a look at the design of the 39 Health Network http://www.39.net


here, come to this website users can directly through the navigation bar to quickly find the required place, the main navigation website for a type of portal, for small scale website, you can choose a column display mode.

two stage column slider display

this is more suitable for a certain size of the enterprise web site, their products are more involved in the industry needs to be subdivided. Take a look at TCL’s official website, http://www.tcl.com/



these two two navigation is a more common design methods, we can choose according to needs, not only in line with the user experience, and will appear website more formal atmosphere.

will give you here, just D network design this site navigation, the >

Thinking about the way ahead of your personal website

(www.xingfu880.com), happiness studio was founded in a class by training young people, focus on the design work. The recent visit of stationmaster net more, with the continuous promotion of happiness studio, single way from the previous acquaintance to the current network orders, I can not help but start thinking about your happiness, studio, where the road? What is ahead of you? What should be? I think, these problems not only. Happiness is the studio, is you, all the webmaster thinking.

grassroots webmaster rising, leading the national webmaster become a craze. Ready Program flying, let website construction become a kind of fast food, " as long as you know how to type, you can build " this slogan, more or less a bit harsh, a bit of irony, do website has become a bubble Guanghua


recently in the webmaster group which also often hear some webmaster to ask some basic HTML problems, there are also some webmaster asked not to download the entire site software can not help others, a little cold, webmasters have asked grassroots webmaster for you? Download ready-made procedures as something different to Admin5, ready to learn a few days of so-called optimization, and then find a cheap IDC, just let come swaggeringly line on the website, the website content is above you copy me, I copied you, or false original, then the Internet is a false prosperity.

here I would think about happiness studio how to go on the Internet, in the face of this trend, in order to make high quality website happiness studio how to survive? In other words, how do we use professional knowledge to beat those temporary transformation station but not do the webmaster?

I think all the high quality Internet companies and studios are like me, with such concerns and ideas. As a webmaster, not only has a good website idea, but also have a professional knowledge and management of the station, not really just typing. If you do not, and you want to site, please go to Admin5 or other learning forums, a good learning, and then do the webmaster, but also do not insult the grassroots webmaster name!


The Internet need to focus on the future transformation of a sudden change in the situation webmaste

radio management departments to shut down BTChina! This is the Baidu phoenix nest start another explosive news at the beginning of the month a wide range of K station and national public room was sealed after the owners complain incessantly. Then there are rumors BTChina webmaster Huang Xiwei jingfangxingju, Huang Xiwei has confirmed the news is a rumor, but the Internet a ripple, There were many discussions. Jittery. Subsequently, in the SARFT thorough investigation of the Internet audio-visual permit storm, and BTChina also said that the country’s three largest BT station "leisurely bird" and "Eden" has also been shut down. Other subtitle groups have also said that the transition will no longer do BT download. December is not more than half, but the Internet can be described as a storm. If the computer room is blocked, the individual webmaster also has a thread of fantasy, expect very period after the revitalization of the site. But the room is not closed, BTChina. But the bad news came, the collapse marks a network "new national crackdown" really begins. Whether because of a conflict of interest, or intent to control illegal information or purify the Internet, is to improve the system of copyright, for personal website, winter ice has come, cold cold, ice free, individual stationmaster really like the roadside grass, swaying in the wind and snow, fear and confusion. If the personal webmaster’s "2012" has arrived, it is not alarmist talk.

perhaps the country has long planned a major cleansing of the internet. Indeed, there are many problems both in terms of network speech and website content information. These problems, to some extent, have endangered society. But as long as it is controlled in a certain degree, it does not cause too much harm. The network environment is not standard, the bad information, the speech and the violation content have the serious hindrance to the Internet development, but wants to create a completely pure Internet is impossible. Across the board, whether it is illegal or legitimate sites have been hit is unfair, but also to some extent can be seen that the relevant departments on the issue of "stretched" and "inaction.". In recent days, the webmaster circle should be said to be shrouded in dark clouds, said that no webmaster can reveal the beginning of the smiling face, not exaggeration. Itself for personal Adsense, the Internet is cruel, want to be bigger and stronger, no capital, no team background, can only rely on their own efforts to fight hard. Of course, some webmaster want to take the shortcut, touch the ball, get rich quickly, and do some bad websites. But the vast majority of webmaster are doing regular station. Ma Yun once said, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but the vast majority of people have died in tomorrow night, but can not see the sun the day after tomorrow, so we do what we must adhere to! Then, for the record, room, search engine, copyright, national policy has become a personal webmaster can turn the N mountain, personal webmaster want to try, but they do not know where tomorrow, so many people can not see the sun the day after tomorrow.

light, a unlicensed operation will be able to kill so many BT sites, we can see that the relevant departments are determined to come to a big reshuffle. There was a saying that the career of personal webmaster would be from the future Internet