The website articles published and the number of pseudo original, original analysis

we need to adjust the spider crawling time.

B. which made the best

, the original is not good. Love is what Shanghai needs for the benefit of the user original and pseudo original. >

many people say, as long as the fine, one or two to. Because the spiders crawl frequency will adjust itself, thus saving spider resources, put more resources to send high-quality website. So if the light of refinement, not quantity, will affect the grab and included in the course of time. On the contrary if the light quantity, not refinement, your page may be repeated too much, so as not to build the index, so the spider with a few times, might determine whether you are a low quality site. So the amount of fine and equally important to both. The amount is fine is included to grab incentive motivation. Update stable volume can increase the capture frequency, but does not guarantee the included, included on the fine. So how to judge this fine, someone may say that the original. But according to love Shanghai love Shanghai white paper, do not think the original is good, love Shanghai more owners hope to send content or pseudo original content to allow the user to more love, more beneficial to the user, such as an article, pseudo original add pictures, even with Excel image data analysis etc. also, or form a lot of relevant summary. Like this is obviously to improve the user experience of the operation, even if you are pseudo original will get very good included.

then we want to send a certain amount and content for the benefit of the user.

technology can query the spider every day to the time from the access log. If time is not what you want, you can guide the spider. For example, 9 in the morning began to send. 4 in the afternoon a lot of hair. Insist on a period of time to observe the log, adjust wait for spider, if it is found that the spider started at 10 and grabbed, that you made. In table excel, the spider crawling time daily record is used to adjust

A. how many days send a good

C. the original and pseudo original

is a factor. Because there is a spider to grab grab frequency, your amount is too small, the spider will regularly in order to save resources, or for a long time to grab one, if you in large quantity, and the update is very stable even time are unified, so the spider crawling frequency will you update. So what day multiple good amount is appropriate, my suggestion is that information website one day more than 10 articles, one day a corporate website, updated daily volume of other industries ranging from 1~10 tablets. May each industry are not the same, this data is only for reference.

? In

often hear or see a lot of friends have such a problem, the site of how long an update, an update how many articles it? The article is original, or false original good? Xiaobian to analyze, website articles published and the number of pseudo original, original analysis.

I understand from the search engine is essentially a say Shanghai dragon why


why Shanghai dragon core theory of knowledge: "five golden rules":

1, whether you are important? The weight of URL is high;

is the most worrying to me, love will not be because of Shanghai, Shanghai and Shanghai dragon industry has love PPC constitute a competitive relationship, love Shanghai want to take the whole industry leading operation, make corrections, let more people believe that love Shanghai PPC, desalination trust in the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, and make more people believe in love love Shanghai Shanghai PPC, pulled the bidding results. And the best operation, is the industry leader! I hope my worry is redundant, not really

3, whether you are the original? Collection content, often can not get good rankings is the truth. So, to excavate the original content sources, is a challenge to the ability of Shanghai dragon. Secure

! ?

recently, the real Shanghai dragon industry leader, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai why fell to second pages, triggered a strong concern in the Shanghai dragon industry, many people began to question the Shanghai dragon why, Shanghai dragon think why technology has old-fashioned, Internet marketing Zhuzhou not Shanghai dragon why disciple, but more or less and the Shanghai Dragon why some karma, I just according to their own understanding to the interpretation of Shanghai dragon why knowledge to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon why say

I hope those who question "

! !

the five golden rule is thinking of the simulated users search, search engine and fundamental of existence is to provide users the most valuable information, to provide users with the most relevant and the most useful information is the premise of the search engine to obtain commercial value of the no users, did not produce commercial value;

5, you are welcome? Here refers to the website PV to higher than their peers, let the search engine think your website is more popular

4, you are up-to-date? The search engine come every time, if the site is updated, or permanent

2, what are you? In order to illustrate your web page is about the keywords the most professional, you need to do is work earnestly "around a word"

I always think: the possibility of love Shanghai artificial intervention is very small, very simple truth: love Shanghai damage the user experience, is self defeating; besides, Shanghai dragon why is the industry leader, attention will never fall in love with the sea as can be imagined, on the cusp of wind to touch the tiger ass, this not trouble you; ten thousand steps back, do Shanghai dragon training more than Shanghai dragon why, there is no one to do the bidding of Shanghai Longfeng keyword promotion, does not constitute a competitive relationship with the true love Shanghai, love Shanghai is not necessary to industry leading the whole down, while the other row of Shanghai dragon training. This is not logical;

Love Shanghai search results only show the influence of home.

(1) in the URL of the page optimization: before we always stressed, the inside pages. The shorter the better, to be meaningful, so that users can judge from their will arrive in the search results page. This argument is not

(3): after the optimization of the page title in the page URL cannot affect the user choice, write the title of the page, there is a greater impact on the user clicks, webmaster should pay more attention to the idea of the site title.

According to the Shanghai

love the search results only show page URL, do some of these boats conjecture, hoping to attract. There is no identity webmaster, welcome paizhuan. The editor: agricultural products 贵族宝贝, please indicate the source.

after this adjustment, may these benefits to users and website:

love the search results only show home page URL, may have several effects on the website optimization:

this afternoon to search a word, find love Shanghai to search results of an adjustment, only display the website address, the results were shown as follows:

(2) in the weakening of some station page URL disadvantage: many pages because the number is too large, not batch set meaningful URLs, usually some meaningless parameters, it is not conducive to the optimization. After such adjustment, the disadvantage is not obvious.

(2): after optimization home page only shows the page URL, the user will pay more attention to the web page. Easy to remember the home page, will be more conducive to the accumulation of users.

will fail? Shanghai

(4) to strengthen the website brand: users prefer a home page to identify the site, whether they have, how do you feel. Effect of user clicks on the brand website will be more important, the users of the site will be impressed.

(1) to reduce the number of interference information for users: Web page URL is often complicated, it is difficult for users to get much useful information from these. After this adjustment, the page will be more concise.

Using anchor text layout Links let Shanghai dragon ranking promotion

target 1: target 2 key words: target 3 key words: target keywords =1:2:3:4

three, the word mass website optimization Links anchor text distribution

anchor textThe word

optimized website often links the anchor text is the target keywords, this will help to quickly improve website rankings? From the single word website optimization, can really enhance the effect of the keywords ranking, but if you want to increase the keyword of the website, the anchor text problem you need to adjust Links not only need to find links, links, but also to consider the increase in chain word distribution and Links anchor text number arrangement, so what is the best way to solve the optimization strategy? Early words out of long tail keywords anchor text and brand keywords of the anchor text, usually, the ratio can be distribution.

Beijing Shanghai dragon training blog Links anchor text distribution

two, multi word website optimization Links anchor text distribution


target keywords: long tail keywords: brand keywords =6:3:1


condition: you solve the website architecture, page elements, link level.

said Shanghai Longfeng ranking, webmasters are not excited, ranking floating or simply do not go has become so homely food in Shanghai, in addition to the site structure, Longfeng ranking or page elements in the process of optimization, the socialization of accident, link building is a key link in Shanghai Longfeng construction. Links is the key method to improve the ranking of Shanghai dragon, but even if you find Links resources, if the anchor text layout is not reasonable, will have a great impact on Shanghai dragon ranking, today to share how clever layout of the anchor text you Links, let Shanghai Longfeng greatly enhance the ranking.

multi word chain optimization according to the right site architecture of the anchor text of the chain weight distribution, then you are the anchor text layout or layout of the weight of the low weight high anchor text links here? For example, if the website of your target keywords are 4: 1, 2 target keywords target keywords, target keywords 3, 4 target keywords within the chain, and the weight distribution of the target keywords are lower and lower, so the anchor text Links how to allocate more conducive to simultaneously enhance the site’s ranking? Personal recommendations are as follows:

mass word site Links anchor text assignment problem can be treated into the station site, typically, massive word sites belong to the portal or mall site, the layout of Links can be divided into column page, page, according to data comparison and comprehensive analysis of competition to realize chain arrangement, in order to improve the arrangement principle of low weight links.

single and weight distribution, comparison of

How to make a home page to show more keywords

first, we must know what is our most important keywords? What is the worst to do what customers will search keywords, keywords, knowing that we can go to the distribution of key words how to place.

is generally the most important words and the worst to do keyword can be analyzed from the peer’s website, I do Internet company, then I’ll take the keywords network company that Internet companies do not make sure key words followed by Harbin website design Harbin website, Harbin website production, this. The three is definitely the main keywords, optional title must have the three, but three of them may not be so placed position, we must make the keywords of the three best done in the first place the most difficult to do in the second, the general on the last one to do so, is to let the search engine rankings to us as soon as possible, bring traffic and confidence, the flow may also have the business, then we will be able to survive, confidence in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix is very important, if we always do not go up certainly tired, is it, this is in order to better stick to it, then we will see a little fire keywords point, is the general words of the three main keywords of the company, such as the Harbin website construction company, so in the title of the site in a certain the company must have the words, I is the company’s full name or abbreviation with the company put up, I should be in Harbin the actual web design company, this title, these symbols can be separated from the basic. Say if you want to do the brand, not temporary keyword, then put the company in the first place, so that visitors can well enhance company image.

home page keywords can not use accumulation way to show, there must be level, I suggest the home put 16 words, or three words is enough, the rest of the key words on the site description, again put on the home page of the site, absolutely can not accumulate in the title part, that is the most unreasonable, not only do not get good rankings, will lead to the punishment of the search engine, let me talk about how to deal with these words.

then said is described, here I say keywords, keyword search engines are actually not very seriously, as long as we put the keywords listed on the line, but the description of the search engine is very seriously, especially the love of Shanghai, I often in the following chapter, many customers have to add some keywords it is not good for him to finish the words, the title will not change, as long as in the above, the general keywords can still sit in the description, we can put some slightly keywords or customers often search keywords, the keywords are of course home page, we again this you can also add Harbin website or company, Harbin network company, Harbin Harbin web design and web production, such words, let him Have fluent is good, it is not to do what is possible. May the number of words is not very good, I still.

The novice webmaster please stop you do the chain of garbage hands

this way, quietly spent about 2 months, until the last day of National Day holiday, the morning see the rankings, I could not find my site, suddenly felt a cool, don’t like this tragedy came. So to love station view, found the web site outside of the chain from the beginning of September, has steadily declined from the highest more than 10000 chain, now down to less than 7000 (below), although still insist on doing the garbage outside the chain, but ultimately not deleted speed (also remind yourself to do pay attention to the website data. I am a bit lazy, if usually observe the number of the chain, found problems in a timely manner, it will not cause the situation today), the final result is the start of this article ranking disappear. These days also stopped the chain of garbage, do some high quality the chain effect, slowly etc..

why do these junk the chain will reduce the site weight? Personally, the main reason is that the chain of garbage instability leads to change radically site outside the chain, jumped down, caused by search engine antipathy, eventually will be punished. So the chain suddenly jumped or suddenly.

2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year for me, like a rookie webmaster, experienced a lot, but also learned a lot. In the past the mid autumn National Day holiday, I had a monthly income of nearly a thousand yuan Taobao guest website from the home page first to be right down, the painful experience of the disappearance of ranking. Suddenly from heaven to hell, let me reflect on the construction site, some mistakes made during site optimization, today for the novice webmaster friends talk about garbage outside the chain of smothering a website by a webmaster heart. Although the chain is a problem that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but it is necessary to say, to the novice webmaster a warning, some truth is experienced, will understand.

the garbage outside the chain, for most novice webmaster is not strange, because you have just started from the contact sites in this industry, you heard a word: content is king, the chain for the emperor. This will give the novice webmaster created one of the most original, the most completely false notions of is to do the chain, the more the better. Of course, as a rookie webmaster, I also think so at that time, finally also do the same, from the establishment of a good website, began to send the chain, BBS signature, classification of information, blog group, buy black chain etc.. At the beginning, the chain increased rapidly, keywords ranking also rose quickly, slowly also to income. I think, the original site is so easy, my heart can not help laughing. Although during this period, heard of the way of the chain site will cause the garbage chain more, after a long period, the development of the site as a whole but was unfavorable for own benefit at the website ranking has improved steadily, don’t think it possible they say is k drop right phenomenon.


I love Shanghai in the second how to deal with

then he said: "you look at the www.***cn" rank was gone, I smiled and said: "we need to calm the face of love Shanghai cramp." First of all, let me introduce myself, I am venison network constant dragon heavy industry department, engaged in this industry for three or four years, should be the cause as a hobby to do it, I do e-commerce in this industry, I love computer, the more love my crusher station.

, on the website of the title made some changes (from the crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, crusher (price) change for the jaw crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, crusher manufacturer, and meta name="); description" content= is the most professional broken the domestic machine production base, Henan Yulong Heavy Industries is a company with years of experience in the production of jaw crusher, impact crusher crusher manufacturers, provide the latest prices query for you! Jaw crusher, impact crusher, crushing machine for low price change HANLOON >


I thought carefully, what is the cause of our keywords ranking crusher price is not ranked 100 pages, I recall the days I work within two years I recall this station and its growth. Www.***.cn registration time is 2009-05-25, as of today there are more than two years, I am from the promotion link to focus on the content in the customer’s experience in these two years, what kind of methods are tried, what even, even friends, long tail words, blog ah ah what I have tried, from 2009 from May to 2010 May, I have been trying to maintain the content, I strive to understand our products, analysis of customer needs the content of the website also reached the professional content never professional, can be said to be the customer knowledge required. Between 2010 May to 2010 November, I had to give up the personal emotional problems because I love this profession, and my hand reared children, causing it to be right down. In December 2010, I decided to go back to my love of the industry once again, I can not abandon my children this website. Love fell from the first page of Shanghai to

this is a black Saturday, when I entered the office door colleagues said: "the leadership of an accident, you have to calm" I am a very cheerful girl, usually what will be a good place to think. So I easily smiled and said: "say what the big deal." I can accept

open the computer to see, as expected, crusher price from Shanghai first to love 100 pages can’t find, and then look at the impact crusher, impact crusher, crusher, jaw crusher the words in a few days ago slowly rise, but from 2011 to early January 22nd on the station will no longer have the ranking. I began to check the chain to look each other in the rankings and included snapshot, after the query I’m sure our link should be no problem to other problems.

Mobile search traffic increased after the Shanghai dragon ER decide on what path to follow

as everyone knows, we still stay at the PC end of their website optimization ranking Shanghai dragon, before most of the time is to do Google and love Shanghai two major search engines, and with Google out of the domestic market, seems to love Shanghai ranking optimization became synonymous with the Shanghai dragon optimization, because we in fact do is love Shanghai ranking optimization. In a very long period of time one thousand, love Shanghai official and private giants announced that after love Shanghai search on the PC side and mobile terminal of the search results will appear difference, and this difference will become larger with the development of mobile internet. In short, even after we love Shanghai website ranking may be in the PC end of the ranking is very good, and in the mobile terminal can not see; at the same time for the other search engines would have the same strategy, because it is inevitable for the development of the Internet, although there is competition between the search engine service providers, but also who dare to reverse the trend of

first, I want to talk about mobile search traffic increase effect on Shanghai dragon even surpass PC search traffic. I think the macro impact is part of people in this industry can’t adapt to the trend of development and give up, while the other part will form their further study.

present in the Internet chat with you be in full swing such as P2P, O2O, mobile Internet and mobile Internet, which could enter the hot topic of the top. There is no doubt that if the Internet is PC times before and after it is the era of mobile internet.

said this place a lot of people have questioned the above content from the root, as I see some Internet practitioners view that in some communities, that mobile search share is that manufacturers in order to achieve their own commercial interests and deliberately exaggerated. I’m talking about here is the mobile search traffic impact on Shanghai Longfeng increased after, here is not to pull away, but also can explain my own views on the trend. There is no doubt that mobile search traffic increase is an inevitable trend, to catch up with the PC search traffic is inevitable, perhaps from the Internet might all posted on the computer side; but at the same time, you need to know is that many users of the Internet is not like us all the time even with a computer, and more people can take mobile devices such as mobile phone all day.

? next year? Keywords

during the Spring Festival, I was in fact also analyzed a lot about this information, which at the end of last year the Shanghai high-end love station a dragon on the information Changsha made an impression on me, and I was very shocked. Love is the love of Shanghai Shanghai Lee said 2013 mobile search is developing rapidly, accounting for nearly 40%, is expected in 2014 may exceed the PC side of the search accounted for. Of course, the Salon I such a person is not eligible to participate, but also see some giants sharing on the internet. Many people will think of the mobile terminal, a year of development, to catch up with the PC end five years of accumulation, the flow will come mostly from mobile phone search

The latest release of high weight of the chain

such as: (1) the "implicit demand the word Hunan 2013 self Zhenti" is inevitably the "2013 Hunan self Zhenti answer";

1, Links: Links is between website and website to vote, no love Shanghai put it in the garbage outside the chain, but the chain do not too much, small and medium-sized enterprises, maintain is more appropriate in less than 30, although not a chain of garbage chain category, but it is implicated right down, friends of the chain more, the greater the risk.

The quality of the chain of

(3) summer went to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water, ice water is certainly implicit demand.

is engaged in more than a year of Shanghai dragon Er personnel will have such complaints "and now the chain of smaller", in fact it is not so, the chain plays an important role in keyword ranking, but here the chain refers to the natural chain, the so-called natural connection, as the name implies, there is a natural link, users will go to click on the link (excluding deceptive connection), also called extended to meet user needs.

(2) the word "Braised pork in brown sauce" practices of the dominant demand is the production steps and the production of raw materials, but implicit demand to purchase raw materials.

Method of making

2, promotion connection: first of all, through the love of Shanghai, after the drop-down box, search tools to find the word industry long tail keywords, then, according to these long tail keywords to analyze their dominant needs and implicit demand:

in the release of the chain page plus the >


natural link:

since February 19, 2013, after Shanghai launched the green love algorithm, a serious blow to the chain business, the chain of garbage. The algorithm is a kind of love Shanghai search engine algorithms, the purpose is to purify the Internet environment, advocate natural link. Scindapsus come also to the site optimization algorithm for a higher threshold, completely rely on the accumulation of the chain of the keywords ranking on the time has passed.

chain in the search engine, as is the website voting, now love Shanghai search engine to the first page of each keyword and page second as a platform, only the site in the top 20 to enjoy the love of Shanghai click on calculation method of rights, and promoting the rapid access to the web site keywords ranking method the 20 is the most effective chain. So, everyone needs to do outside the chain in the early stage, and must be a natural connection, the garbage chain or the sale of connection not only can improve the website ranking, but also seriously affect the keywords ranking.

directly determines our website in search engine weight, it is the most direct method to increase website weight, it is also the site keywords are not necessary for entry into the search engine love Shanghai top twenty. The role of the chain is self-evident, Shanghai dragon er know its importance in the keyword ranking. On the role of the chain, the son will not everyone clearly display slight skill before an expert.

Papi sauce tender 10 million to buy a first new media advertising s title really worthHundred flower

actually, starting an undertaking is not an easy job

network is a kind of red attention economy, the novelty is over, what are not, Papi sauce from known to investment in less than two months, fans sticky is not enough. Not to mention the Papi sauce and the logic of thinking is not the same, people mainly rely on the content.

Internet companies will win the bid? 10 million exaggerated,

three minutes of video, an hour ad,

"investment" in the world now also talked about entrepreneurship: "only focus, continuous, not blind expansion, but their advantage, can achieve real success. "


speaking of advertising bidding, you have to have the length, the time of the broadcast, and this information is still three words – no, definitely! Even Luo fat do not know,

, according to Luo Zhenyu, how long and when to broadcast is traditional advertising, and what they want to do is to put intelligence and imagination around uncertainty. And on the spot to everyone forget: "you only need to broadcast a five hours of advertising on it.". One video is 24 frames a second, multiplied by 60 seconds, and then multiplied by 60 minutes, and then by 5 hours, in each frame on a two-dimensional code, which is equivalent to 864000 advertising."

EMBA you know, from the first time I saw Papi sauce to tender issued by the news, Luo Zhenyu and Xu Xiaoping took only four days on the final! Luo Zhenyu also revealed that the current valuation of one hundred million Papi sauce, while logic thinking voted 12 million, accounting for 12% of the shares,


as early as the communication news release, admission ticket price is sold to 8000 yuan a, and a total of 10>

80 Internet network writer, columnist, garden media founder Xin Dongfang think, after many years of experience in the Internet will change in a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, business model, and the unknown in the field after. Therefore, in order to find a place in the Internet tide, the need for ordinary people do not have the thinking mode and business logic, in innovation and implementation must be much higher than ordinary people.

A recent article long gap with the Internet before 3 hundred million words

yesterday, Papi sauce tender finally have a message communication, the logic of thinking of Luo Zhenyu as Papi sauce investors, announced to be "the first China new media advertising auction", he also predicted that the new media first advertisement will sell at least 1000 million, also don’t know who is Papi sauce friends here

mobile Internet entrepreneurship, from 2012 to 2016 opening, the past four years, changes in business models and ways to make money slowly, gradually transferred to the mobile phone terminal huge traffic entrance. Mobile Internet impact on the traditional electricity supplier, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon, No. 1 stores and other powerful Internet providers to seize the limelight.

the tender is not only to find that the "s", Luo Zhenyu said: "today in the communication market, we often need only one knowing their intention and attention to converge on a single point, and we should not only understand, to do more iterations and innovation."


so, what is the value of millions of the auction object? An issue any one week in May 21st this year after Monday’s advertisement only once, will be placed in Papi sauce 3 minutes after the program egg position, logic thinking and Papi sauce public account will then help push


in the current impetuous social situation, many people in order to blindly pursue their dreams, at any cost to exchange. Excessive pursuit, no steps to do, eventually being in front of the forces of heart hurt. There are steps to be taken, and processes to be taken, especially the greater ones, are essential to the process of entrepreneurship. In fact, in the long term history, any successful person has a common characteristic, is the layout of the early stage, and later really do, to talk about cooperation. So if you want to succeed, don’t immediately do things, but first experience, so as to find a really suitable problem, breakthrough point.

it looks to choose a pair of large enterprises, "everything good to discuss" feeling, but Mr. EMBA thought, watching 3 minutes Papi sauce video, and maybe an hour

in the old and new media exchange between the occasion, since the media blossom season, high-quality content, content entrepreneurship is still the focus of future development. No matter from the initial construction or long-term development, the continuous output of high-quality content, the commercial model of content realization is still popular, and this vitality is very strong. Therefore, the current trend of mobile Internet, personal or business is not the most important crazy expansion, but calm down to their own advantage, to a greater range of radiation, after training, in order to become bigger and stronger. Do one thing all your life. Be absorbed, practical, serious, persistent, and then things become.



in fact, most entrepreneurs have such a thinking model, the more simple things, the more it is worth thinking about, resulting in another industrial chain. From manufacturing to creation, it is not just a qualitative change, but a contest of innovation. See a lot of foreign technology companies, has been able to survive, not only skilled, but can continue to provide different advantages, and quickly occupied the market, from Matsushita, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI, is one such example.