Tongling to carry out training activities to promote rural farmers Entrepreneurship

farmers occupy a large proportion in the occupation distribution of our country, the development of rural economy and the income level of farmers are related to the future development of china. Tongling through the government to help guide the promotion of migrant workers entrepreneurship training programs, training farmers entrepreneurial skills, enhance their entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and promote the development of agricultural production.

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Lights with ten brands list

in the house decoration, in order to beautify the lighting effect, and now many people will choose to install the lights. However, if the quality of the lamp belt, not only a waste of money, but also very troublesome. Therefore, the choice of lamp belt products, natural need to choose a more reliable brand. So, what brand of light with good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the lights with ten brands list, so as to give people a better choice of reference.

lights with ten brands list NO.1, OPPLE OPPLE: founded in 1996, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, famous brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, one of the most valuable brands, OPPLE lighting (Zhongshan) Co. ltd..

lights with ten big brand rankings, NO.2 NVC: famous brand in Guangdong Province, listed companies, domestic commercial lighting lighting industry leader, one of the most competitive brands, Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology co..

lights with ten brands list NO.3, PHILPS lighting: founded in 1891 in Holland, the world’s leading home lighting, the world’s 100 most valuable brands, PHILPS Electronics (China) Investment Co., ltd..

lamp with ten brands list NO.4, on the day of Optoelectronics: national high-tech enterprises, LED lighting industry leader, with a number of independent intellectual property patents, Shenzhen city on the Au Optronics Co.

lights with the top ten brands NO.5, Chau Ming Unilumin: the leading domestic LED application products and solutions provider, Shenzhen well-known brands, national high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen City, Ming Polytron Technologies Inc.

lights with ten brands list NO.6, Delixi: LED Delixi Group, Delixi industry, high-tech enterprises, brand influence, the national enterprise technology center, Chinese Delixi Group Holdings limited.

lights with ten brands list NO.7, nationstar: key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan, the famous brand of Guangdong Province, Foshan Electronic Information Industry Association unit, Foshan nationstar Au Optronics Co.

lamp with ten major brands NO.8, TCL lighting: TCL group’s famous lighting brand, building electrical design trustworthy products, one of the leading cause of energy-saving lighting, TCL Lighting Appliance Co., ltd..

lights with ten brands list NO.9, retop lighting: LED display is one of the earliest in the development and production of products manufacturers, the high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, lights with ten brands, Shenzhen retop >

Male jewelry shop shop tips

market boutique is mostly for women to open, a variety of exquisite ornaments, small gifts, and the men of the jewelry store almost No. This is a blank market, valuable businesses, if you can take a good grasp of the skills to open shop, making money is very simple.

shop investment: 30 thousand yuan

Business strategy: focus on

a distinctive male jewelry store if opened, I believe that you can quickly set off consumption boom, thus opening up the brand chain stores in China, interested friends may wish to try entrepreneurship, this is a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs!


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What are the environmental protection industry in 2012

environmental protection has always been a concern of the ecological problems, the key is how to find business opportunities? In fact, do not see do not know a look startled.

item 1: environmental protection small hotel knowledge required: hotel management, sustainable development funding requirements: 10 thousand ~ $99 thousand starting time: a few months special challenges: ordinary hotel decoration investment, the traditional hard work has a negative impact on the environment, and a small hotel model has emerged, which is environmental protection hotel. The key step in creating an environmentally friendly hotel is to lay the foundation for a green house. Most of the traditional hotel operators will be renovated before the opening of the housing, the cost of each room is about $35 thousand to $50 thousand, the initial cost of renovation of the hotel is also about.

item 2: environmental protection knowledge required for venture financing Broker: financial / business experience and contacts demand for funds: $10 thousand following the starting time: a few months special challenge: to find reliable enterprise competitive emerging environmental entrepreneurs have a grand vision, but they are lack of funds. Environmental finance brokers and environmental entrepreneurs to help them get from venture capitalists, banks, angel investors, all kinds of subsidies and public sector funds. You can bridge the big business and entrepreneurs who have enough money to invest in new business ideas, or develop a peer-to-peer platform that helps lenders and borrowers communicate directly.

For example, in the

you must be handy in the financial sector, has a wealth of business experience, so as to provide useful advice for entrepreneurs to make their business plan more attractive. You also need to help venture capitalists, angel investors, and other types of lenders choose the right investment opportunities.

item 3: Environmental advertising company knowledge required: graphic design, communication, media capital requirements: 10 thousand ~ $99 thousand starting time: a few months special challenges: beware of "pseudo environmental advertising"

They are representative of the girl’s bravado beauties

girls now rely on their solid basic skills and strong ability in all walks of life are mixed up, today is to say that the story of the female translators, they can be said to be the real version of the iron lady.

The background of the

competition in the world desperately Niang

2013 in April, enrollment less than half a year, because of the foreign language (course) for the first time in the thick foundation, volunteers participate in Yangzhou Jianzhen World Half Marathon foreign hospitality group. She felt both excited and serious, and worried about whether she would be able to serve. After half a month of training, she is an Internet search for a variety of Yangzhou, marathon and Chinese civilization knowledge, the main points in a notebook, and make foreign commentary. In order to ensure that the reception of foreign athletes without negligence, improve service quality, Xiao Qi also for different service goals, prepared 5 language versions.

"foreign aircraft at 5 in the morning arrived, I went to Shanghai to greet him fro 8 hours, even after the journey back, organize the basic necessities of life, then you can rest." In April 16th 1 in the morning, just sleep Xiao Qi rubbed his eyes again on the journey.

Xiao Qi graduated from Yangzhou University Foreign Language College English (course) from the Department of translation, Jiangnan girl, because looks sweet, elegant and reserved by other volunteers, known as the "green girl". However, in the rush to prepare for the competition, each participant has tightened nerves. Xiao Qi and other girls the same, more willing to self is desperately Niang say".

these days, Xiao Qi almost all the energy in the work. Three years of voluntary service experience, plus verbal advantage, so she became ready to live out of the old". Close to the race, calculate the flight information, the translation of the revised competition document, training translation volunteers…… She is the same as before, the busy day to dawn came back, the excess mission back to the dormitory overtime is commonplace.

for three years, it is this jingdiaoxilou job seeking, which she reveals from the Volunteer Army Center awn, has won the recognition of domestic and foreign players, and smooth the selected marathon this year’s world image ambassador.

voluntary service force to grasp the five foreign language

"the most beautiful quality is good". This is Xiao Qi from high school to leave a motto. In the usual days, in addition to voluntary service world competition, the 90 little girl is a recognized "home" charity goddess. And students together to help the elderly cleaning, washing and cooking, to assist the disabled family Jiangsu sisters, served as an usher in the rebirth of the school automatically, regularly volunteering in Jianzhen library……

How should the video game store location

with the proportion of entertainment in people’s lives to do more and more high, video games began to rise in the market, because of this, the relevant shops will be more and more. However, the success of the opening of a video shop, not only need to have more in line with consumer demand for equipment, more quality services, but also need a correct location. So, how should the video game store location?

video game console. Generally refers to the need to connect with the TV game player. More representative of SONY PS2, PS3, Microsoft Xbox, X360, Nintendo Wii, etc.. So how to choose the location of the video game shop?

video game industry itself is an edge of the industry, the video game industry should be aware of the entrepreneurs, but also understand. Choose the location of the shop can be selected according to the consumer groups corresponding to the video shop. The game is mainly aimed at young people, including college students, high school students, followed by some fans, as well as some young consumer groups.

for such consumer groups can choose the following positions:

video game store location: select the place where young people like to gather

For example:

department store, pedestrian street, the bustling city; the local rent is higher, and the target of great understanding, there is little video store opened in the similar place, of course, according to the local actual situation analysis.

video shop location: near the school

The campus of

university city near the school choice must pay attention not to choose primary school or near closed schools, because the school is not the target consumer groups, and closed schools generally do not allow the students out of school, so it is not recommended. It is best to open the school in the gathering place, as well as in the vicinity of high school, University Campus city. This kind of place, light season business is more obvious, but also a lot of entrepreneurs who want to shop hesitation.

this kind of shop can be combined with the shop together, in the off-season to do more online business is also very good, can make up for the impact of the holiday. Now there are a lot of free online shop online shop, Taobao, pat, eBay, as well as the industry can provide free Internet bus shop free.

video game store location: computer city now has many cities have such a professional computer city

is an ideal location. The current investigation, have a lot of video store opened in the computer inside the city, and most of the business is good, is worthy of recommendation, of course, business booming, consumer focus groups, decided the competition of these shops are also relatively large, many businesses also. Invest in a shop like this

Royal Tang dumpling shop to give you the most convenient needs

instant noodles as the second best-selling brand in the world, has a huge consumer market. Some people will be strange to ask: is not to say that eating instant noodles unhealthy? Why demand is so big? Xiaobian I would like to say, instant noodles is convenient two words. No one said that in the leisure time to a bucket of instant noodles, are in need of time to go to consumption, because of its convenience. Therefore, the success of bottled instant noodles attracted the attention of the majority of entrepreneurs, simple bottled pasta in this fast-paced life has become a trend. A leader in Royal Tangjing Boiled dumplings brand, has become the first choice of agent’s business, brand strength, full feature, headquarters will offer the most full acting support, let the brand development will be more relaxed and reliable.

Royal Tang dumpling shop as a restaurant brand in Shandong, how can the food away from the seafood. Royal Tangjing joined with Boiled dumplings divided into meat, seafood, three categories, pork, vegetables, ginger, dried shrimps, shrimp and other seafood are allocated reasonably; according to the season, can choose different distribution, make dumplings variety, whether it is love to eat seafood is like a vegetarian, customer can the Royal Tangjing find food stores Boiled dumplings.

on joining the business, the Royal Tang dumplings to join a variety of forms to support the store operations, according to the operating costs, Royal Tang dumplings to join the body to discuss the custom of investment plans, mall distribution and store operations integration.

Yu Tang Jing Boiled dumplings, aroma beauty brought fresh dumplings dumplings. Food and beverage stores never plump, is a lot of entrepreneurs who open the opportunity to generate income. Select the Royal Tang dumplings, is the golden key to open your door. Lack of a minute message, towards success.

Royal Tangjing Boiled dumplings skin: characteristics of dough, pure handmade pounding and smooth, elastic teeth; filling: both cabbage, leek, cabbage and other mass also has three, Boiled dumplings, three mushrooms, shrimp in the high-end category; shape: freshandtenderstuffing, delicious taste, shape together, fine delicate beauty fragrance: homemade soup; soup, taste fragrant, nourishing nutrients, beauty.

Royal Tang dumplings with small investment, low risk, high return, quick effect of the characteristics of the franchise is now the most suitable for small and medium business entrepreneurs. How to join the Royal Tang dumplings how to look at the characteristics of the work, the Royal Tang dumpling shop is a traditional work, there is no time to choose. And, on the basis of our country’s population base, shopping malls have broad prospects for the sale of the overall sales volume is an infinite number. Secondly, the Royal Tang King of the work of the dumplings to update the speed of goods than in the past a lot of, in the past, our living standards are not high. However, the standard of living has improved a lot, the king of the king of the Tang Dynasty dumplings appeal has naturally improved a lot, pleading is demanding a lot. So, to a certain degree

Join a hot dry noodles need how many money

food and beverage selection project must be fully considered, careful consideration, although there is no right choice, but we also have to choose a number of options to maximize their own interests to achieve a. Henan food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. Product commitment more green, more healthy, the company to the most traditional and most green production methods, people-oriented, first person to do things, only to find a successful way, not to find excuses for failure. Companies with high quality varieties for the purpose of enterprise, wholeheartedly serve each franchisee. The company now has R & D, production, distribution, innovation as one of the management team.

joined the Chinese hot and dry noodles need how many money?

hot and dry noodles as a member of the catering market by many consumers to accept, as a well-known Chinese brand hot dry noodles, thorough understanding of investing in a Chinese hot dry noodles is very much to join the cost necessary.

hot and dry noodles as one of the well-known brands in the domestic market on the current pasta food, nature is love by consumers and investors. So many want to choose a relative to the hot dry noodles for Chinese investors, believe that hot dry noodles join the cost will be very interested in, this is our official side through the analysis of the market survey, from the hot and dry noodles to cost 170 thousand and 600 yuan.

is the type of store needs 170 thousand and 600 yuan, the standard type of store needs $215 thousand and 800, the image of the store is $270 thousand. Want to choose to join the Chinese hot dry noodles 170 thousand and 600 yuan can easily join.

if you want to choose a hot dry noodles to join the project, can consult the


How do you make a shoe store

now throughout the year, the majority of women are required to choose several different shoes for their shoes, the market demand is relatively large, how to open a female shoe? How to operate it? Let’s take a look at it.

How to run


A, customers stopped suddenly, said in a style of "love at first sight".

two, looking at a piece of merchandise, is said to be interested in.

three, carefully looked at a pair of shoes, means to buy.

four, customers looking for labels and prices, means that has more interest, want to know the brand and price.

five, looking at products and looking around, might want to find help guide.

six, ask questions, that need your help.

how to run female shoe? More than six kinds of situations, is that the customer needs you to help them, if the female shoe shop owners to help consumers at this time choose suitable shoes, shoes that the success rate will be very high

customers to buy!How to run


A, take the initiative to help customers shoes.

In the first

two, wait for the customer to try for the finishing end.

three, try to evaluate the effect of properly, can be slightly compliments.

satisfied, satisfied!

how to run female shoe? Flat shoes, high heels, pinch shoes, boots, shoes style very much, buy a good pair of shoes, for the beauty of the ladies, too important, therefore, women’s shoes sales market is increasingly hot, open a female shoe, as long as a good business, you can win the more popular, winning more wealth

!In fact, for many business

Joe Club ribs large product market

do steamed stuffed bun business, select the brand project will have more advantages. Now consumers pay more and more attention to brand consumption, especially in the above. Joe Club ribs big package, the strength of the chain brand, fame is high, the influence is bigger, can attract brand loyal fans, let more people become repeat customers.

in order to cater to the tastes of the public, there is a big club Joe ribs fresh in product design, Qiao Dongjia Bao Zi made Bao Zi sensitive thin skin and interesting, not filling roof, don’t run oil, fold density, appearance is very delicate, tastes good, is the main selling and lead a person to endless aftertastes, fried soup two Bao Zi, in the county is famous, famous, the county magistrate is especially fond of, hailed as the first package of South china.

is a kind of high quality and inexpensive delicacy steamed stuffed bun, the price is not expensive, you can eat three meals a day, so many people are willing to buy, now do the catering industry is not simple, the more popular the market is so delicious, joining Qiao Dongjia ribs bag is very good, to break the traditional single buns taste continuously the innovation of new products, but there are many buns, special snack.

Qiao Club ribs large package to personalized business model, the quality of steamed stuffed bun is good, but the taste is also relatively fresh, men and women of all ages like to eat, so there is no market?

Joe bridge ribs large package, a lot of operating advantages. Good products, support more, delicious lead wealth, so that franchisees can earn four seasons. Cooperate with headquarters, so that you can easily learn technology and experience, I believe in the help of the headquarters, you will be more successful, come to contact us.

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